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Always in the vanguard of new solutions and attentive to the evolution of the market of new materials and trends

Richimi Factory is a company formed by a multidisciplinary team associated with a know-how in the research and development of decorative finishing coatings for architecture and interior design, for both new projects and remodelling over the most diverse substrates.

We are a partner company for all professionals in the architecture and construction areas, respecting the dialogue and proximity between both parties as a way of growing and fulfilling the client’s needs regarding the technical and aesthetic requirements aiming for the full satisfaction about the final project.

Products Collection

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Products Collection

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Products singularity and respect for sustainable production technology

Taberna Marginal
© photo by rights

Interior pavements with Koncreto® Microcement coating.

Casalinho da Azenha
© photo by rights

Interior pavements in Koncreto® Microcement.


Abrigo do Moleiro
© photo by rights

Interior walls and pavements, WC and kitchen in Koncreto® Microcement.

Fazenda Nova Country House
© photo by rights

Interior walls and pavements and WCs in Koncreto® Microcement.

Mercado Saloio
© photo by rights

Interior walls with Koncreto® Microcement coating.

Pateo Lisbon Lounge
© photo by rights

Koncreto® Microcement coated floors.