Koncreto® Mosaic

Handcrafted solution of cement mosaics with essence to capture the particular needs and to materialize them in versatile environments. Used in floors and walls, in residential, commercial or hotel environments, both in total coating and in decorative details. Customizable product through images, patterns and graphics, provided by the client or worked together.

See the brochure below for additional information such as material and color possibilities.

Koncreto® Microcement

Applied in floors, walls and ceilings. By being impermeable to water it’s ideal for bathrooms, showers and kitchens. Its manual application allows you to create unique and distinct nuances.

The application to pieces of furniture and accessories, is an example of how this material’s properties can be used to create pieces that are incredibly light despite its massive appearance. It can be applied on various substrates: cement, plaster, plasterboard, MDF, tile and mosaic. Images and letterings can also be applied to the surfaces.

Kappa Silik

Line of finish coatings based on modified potassium silicate, resistant to UV rays, fungi and algae development and excellent breathability.

KappaSilik Stuck Liso is a coating paste with selected fillers and additives.

KappaSilik Marmorino F is a bulk coating reinforced with fibbers and granulates of marble of 0.75mm max. granulometry.

KappaSilik Marmorino M is a bulk coating reinforced with fibbers and granulates of marble of 1mm max. granulometry.

KappaSilik Tinta is a mineral silicate paint, non-pellicle form, fuses with the substrate presenting a deep matte effect.

Kappa Sil

Line of finishing coatings, composed of acrylo-siloxane binders in aqueous dispersion, with characteristics of water vapor permeability and water repellence. Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents as well as to UV radiation.

KappaSil Paster is a bulk coating reinforced with fibbers and granulates of marble of 0.75mm max. granulometry.

KappaSil Tinta is matte-looking ink and good water repellence, inorganic pigmentation.

KappaSil Vel is a semi-opaque, thixotropic-looking finishing.

KappaSil DecoStuck is a paste coating with selected fillers and additives.


Line of decorative coatings based on different types of lime. Products with high aesthetic value and chromatic effects.

KappaKal Stuck Fino is a paste coating based on slaked lime and selected fillers and additives such as Venetian Stucco.

Kappakal Marmoris is a bulk product, based on slaked lime and granules of fine marbles.

S-Kappa and T-kappa

S-kappa is a line of products for preparation and repair of substrates, for further application of the KAPPA range products.

T-kappa is a line of protection products such as waxes, sealants and water repellents, for application on the KAPPA range.

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